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Core Fan Base


It is estimated there are over a million Mod enthusiasts in this country alone. Research shows that Mods range in age from 17-70! Although the Mod movement was originally a very British phenomenon it now has global status. The Mod movement is inextricably linked to the Scooter Enthusiast scene. There are Mods all over Europe, Scandinavia, Southern California, Canada and Japan with annual events in each country.

Thousands of Mod scooter enthusiasts attend Regional Scooter Rallies all over the UK. There are a number of 'unofficial' local rallies held, but 10 main annual scooter rallies. The two largest of these at Mersea Island and the Isle Of Wight, draw upwards of 10,000 attendees each year.

Many scooter clubs continue to grow and flourish throughout the UK. There are a raft of Mod clubs, forums and blogs, all swapping stories, photos and advertising a catalogue of weekly events, including dances, bands rallies and festivals. Mod is the most enduring of all British pop culture.



The Small Faces 1969 album 'Ogdens Nut Gone Flake' is notable as rock music's first 'concept album', being released months before The Who's 'Tommy'. 'Ogdens' has been voted (in NME, Q and Classic Rock magazines) as one of the greatest 100 British albums ever.

The band was brought to a new younger audience with the arrival of Britpop. Both Paul Weller and Blur had been noticably influenced in their songwriting, with the former naming the Small Faces as 'the most complete band ever'.

In September 2013, another audience was reached when the instrumental title track from 'Ogdens Nut Gone Flake' was used as the lead music for the video game Grand Theft Auto V. The trailer for the game, featuring the song, has been viewed a staggering 40 million times.

There are still today a number of Small Faces events which pull in reliable audiences. There is an annual Small Faces Convention which is held in London and has a market, guest speakers as well as live bands throughout the day. There is also a Small Faces tribute band (Small Fakers) which have toured around the UK and occasionally Europe for the last 7 years. Held in high regard, the band have had the pleasure of playing to both younger Small Faces fans who never saw the band perform, and those old enough to remember the real deal.


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